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Do Cheap Hotel Deals In NYC Really Exist?

New York City is notoriously one of the most expensive cities in the world to book a room. At first glance, you may feel like cheap hotel deals in NYC amount to just slightly less than the average price of $250/night – which is hardly “cheap” by most people’s standards. However, insiders know there are many ways to snag cheap hotels deals in the Big Apple, without worrying about cockroaches or unsatisfactory service. Here is some important advice:

  • Look online. There are many places to find cheap hotel deals in NYC online. is a travel site aggregator that delivers the guaranteed lowest prices from sites like Agoda, Booking, Priceline and manay others. Best of all, it’s fully transparent, so you know just what hotel you’re booking at before you pay. You can find many 3 and 4 star NYC hotels for under $150 – some including breakfast.
  • Consider short-term apartments. If you are staying for a week or more, then searching a sites like or might be worth your while. You can stay in a modest flat with a full kitchen for less than the price of a regular hotel room.
  • Research the city YMCAs. It may sound weird, but New York City YMCAs have “guest rooms” attached, so they are more than just a place to cram in a work-out. You can stay in Harlem, North Brooklyn, Flushing, Greenpoint, Vanderbilt or the West Side. Even if you have high standards, you will find the rooms to be clean and well-maintained – all for $90/night.
  • Stay in New Jersey. You can find luxurious cheap hotel deals with river views and full amenities for $95 - $150 in Hoboken/Jersey City. You can simply hop the PATH train or a water taxi into Manhattan. This strategy works well for people who know their way around the city.
  • Try a B&B. It can be hard to find a good deal in Midtown Manhattan, but some B&Bs offer a cozy stay and full breakfast for $150 or less. The East Village B&B and Harlem B&B were recommended by the NY Times. 
  • Consider New York’s brand-new cheap hotels. USA Today said NYC is actually undergoing a cheap hotel deal renaissance right now. As of March, Best Western Premier, Hyatt Place, and Holiday Inn Express all opened new rooms for under $200/night. Herald Square is a good place to begin looking.
  • Read the reviews. Our travel site compiles reviews from all other travel booking sites online, so you can get a realistic view of a hotel’s pros and cons before booking. Travelers have recommended checking out the cheap hotel deals (for $160 or less) at: Pod 39, The Yotel, On The Ave, Hotel 3030, Milford Plaza, Radisson Lexington Hotel, Park Central and Times Square Paramount. NY Mag has a list of inexpensive, highly rated hotels too. 

Thank you for visiting We guarantee you’ll find the lowest priced hotels for your stay in New York City. To answer your question – yes, cheap hotel deals in NYC DO exist!

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