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How Do I Find The Best Cheap Hotel Deals

For some travelers, price is a major determining factor in deciding whether they can vacation or not. Like airplane seats, it can be frustrating to learn that someone has paid hundreds of dollars less for the exact same room you just booked. If a room is “just a place to rest your head” after a busy day exploring, then why spend $250/night? Instead consider our 5 ways to score a cheap hotel deal.

5 Ways to Score the Best Cheap Hotel Deals

1) Book travel during the cheapest weeks to get a cheap hotel deal.

According to USA Today, the best time to visit New York City is January, February, the Fourth of July, or the week before Christmas when you can find rates as low as $93/night, compared to the peak price of $250 during the first week of December. For Las Vegas, the best time to go is mid-May to mid-August, when the weather is warm. You can find a stay for as low as $55/night – which is much better than the $152/night you would pay for New Year’s Eve! You can find more cheap hotel deals for New York City here.

2) Consider visiting cities that have seen huge price drops.

Las Vegas has seen a 16 percent drop in price from a year ago, with $114 for the average 5-star room. Other destinations offering cheap hotels, according to Hotwire, include: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (-9% to $107/night); Boston, Massachusetts (-7% to $95/night); Daytona Beach, Florida (-7% to $76/night); and Nashville, Tennessee (-5% to $86/night).

3) Search for high-quality budget chains.

Consumer Reports recently ranked the best hotel chains based on feedback from their subscribers. In the budget category, Microtel, Red Roof Inn, and Super 8 came in with top honors. Other cheap hotels mentioned include: Day’s Inn, Motel 6, Econolodge, and America’s Best Value Inn (in that order). These accommodations had the comfiest rooms and best check-out service, in particular.

4) Affiliation matters when it comes to finding a Cheap Hotel Deal.

Seniors, military members, government employees and AAA members can receive up to 10 percent off their stays. Keep in mind, most rewards programs are free to join and offer up worthwhile discounts, so it’s good to sign up for them when you can. You may be entitled to free nights or room upgrades.

5) Use online travel booking sites.

The best offers for cheap hotels are consistently found online. Unlike the opaque booking deals at Hotwire, which don’t tell you which hotel you’ll be staying at until after you’ve booked it, is a fully transparent site that gives you all the information (inlcuding the most important - the name of the hotel) that you need to make an informed decision.

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