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How To Score Cheap Hotel Deals In Las Vegas

One would think that Las Vegas would be notoriously expensive, since it’s such a hub of entertainment and activity. Yet, there are cheap hotel deals in Las Vegas aplenty! If you really want the lowest prices, you’ll look at the northern end of The Strip, near Fremont Street. This area is often dubbed “Vintage Vegas” since it was the old stomping grounds of Frank Sinatra and Wayne Newton. Currently, the area is undergoing a renaissance and many historic hotels are being remodeled, but you can find cheap hotels for as low as $29/night here.

You will also find cheap hotels in Las Vegas on the East side of The Strip with places like: Casino Royale, Barbary Coast, Imperial Palace, Harrah’s, and Flamingo. Even the MGM Grand can offer you a budget stay at less than $70/night. If you are staying for longer than the weekend, you might want to consider switching hotels half-way through your stay to take advantage of a special package deal rate.

Another important consideration when booking in Vegas is that there are promotions happening ALL the time. The Strip’s larger hotels want you to come and spend money gambling, so they are usually willing to offer deep discounts to get you through the door. For instance, the Hard Rock Hotel’s “Breakin Vegas Package” (good until 4/18/13) offers rooms for $199 a night that come with $199 worth of free drinks. The Excalibur gives you accommodations for as low as $30/night (through 12/31/13). Early Vegas has a current listing of all the special offers and promo codes in Las Vegas hotels right now, so be sure to check it out before you book.

There are more high-end hotels like The Wynn, The Venetian, and The Aria Resort, but you can also find exciting parties at The Palms, bingo and bowling at South Point, and live entertainment at the “black pyramid hotel” Luxor for under $60. Cheap hotels in Las Vegas are easy to find, as long as you are comparison shopping online.

The best way to find the cheap hotels is to use a travel site aggregator like We combine all the photos, reviews, amenity lists and information from travel booking sites like, Orbitz, Expedia and Priceline. We’re essentially like in that regard – only, much more user-friendly. Keep in mind that a cheap hotel is not always necessarily a good hotel. You want to find a place that holds a lot of value for your money to avoid buyer’s remorse. That’s where our wealth of information comes in handy. Best of all, we will pay YOU $50 if you find a lower rate for the same room anywhere else.

When it comes to cheap hotels in Las Vegas, you really can’t go wrong with Las Vegas Hotel Sales!

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