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How To Find Unpublished Cheap Hotel Deals

One of the best values for booking a last minute hotel is the unpublished hotel deal.  These discounted rates are “unpublished” because the hoteliers, hotel brands, and hotel chains, don’t want to upset their customers that paid full price or even obtained a reasonable discount on the rate.  Unpublished rates are different from opague hotel rates in that unpublished means generally unavailable until the last minute whereas opaque refers to travel sites that sell rooms and do not disclose the name of the hotel (to proetect the brand) until the booking is paid and completed. Hotels operate on a time sensitive supply and demand curve. To put it more simply, they need to obtain the most for the hotel room they can get, based upon the demand at that particular time

Most leisure travelers book a hotel room between about 2-4 weeks ahead of their planned trip. Most business travelers book a hotel room about 2 days to a week in advance.  Both types of travelers will generally pay a different rate for the exact same hotel room.  Why is this?  Hoteliers know that leisure travelers are far more sensitive to hotel price.  Family vacationers are not going to be able to put the hotel room tab on a company expense account; the cost of the room comes out of their personal budget.  Business travelers on the other hand are less price sensitive as they don’t feel a direct personal financial impact from the cost of the hotel room.

The typical pricing paradigm for a hotel rate structure over time generally resembles the following; early booking (one month or more in advance) gets a “nominal” discount.  There isn’t a lot of demand for hotel rooms booked early (except in high season travel cities and host convention cities) therefor the hotelier’s price the rooms attractively if booked well in advance. As the timeframe shortens to the leisure traveler 2-4 week range the price increases slightly.  And then it increases even more as the timeframe shortens to the business traveler range of a few days to a week in advance. The paradigm is'nt exactly this simple but those that woudl like more detail can find it here.

The exception to this trend of increasing prices is the same day hotel booking deal.  Hotels can’t benefit from a vacant unsold hotel room.  Like aging produce, all hotel rooms also have an expiration date.  The same day hotel room deal means that travelers willing to book the hotel room the same day that they arrive and occupy the room often get rock bottom aggressively priced hotel room rates.  These rates have to be “unpublished” to protect the hotel’s reputation, while maximizing their revenue potential.  No one likes to find out that they paid 2-3 times as much for the same room as someone else at the hotel’s front desk checking in the same day.

The hotel manager’s goal is to fill 100% of the rooms every day. Hotel Management and Executives are generally aligned with an "Earnings-at-Risk" employer compensation strategy.  This means that they will benefit finanicially when they meet corporate objectives of increased year over year bookings and top line hotel revenue.  Leaving rooms empty is a recipe for job failure. As some hotel bookings are “book now, pay later” last minute cancellations will affect daily occupancy and require hotel management to deeply discount the room rates for the same day booking and arrivals. These deeply discounted rates are rarely ever published on the hotels own website.  If they were, the hotel would find more demand for these discounted room rates and more people willing to wait until the same day to book them.  Unpublished rate means that the hotel won’t disclose them to far in advance or in a manner that would create price competition with their local hotel rivals. 

The best way to find an unpublished cheap hotel deal is to use a website like Cheap Hotels Deals.  By using this specialty hotel booking engine you can search any city worldwide and then filter by “Hotels On Sale”.  This filter obtains all hotels that have been discounted to move fast. Here’s how you do it.

Unpublished Hotel Deals Search filter

When you need to book a late room fast at the last minute check out the "Hotels On Sale" and same-day promotions on  Follow these simple steps to find cheap unpublished hotel room rates for same day booking and special offers in most major cities. 

  1. Search on your Destination City.
  2. Use the "Hotels On Sale" filter on the left side of the search results page, under "Promotions" (see image).

You'll land on our Unpublished Cheap Hotel Deals reservation page. Every hotel that offers discounted closeout hotel room deals in your city selection will provide their “unpublished” closeout rates.  Take full advantage real-time discounted same day hotel room rates on last minute hotel booking and late room deals. Use this hotel search filter to book an unpublished hotel room deal in most cities worldwide!

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